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2013-07-24 21:50:34 / modified: 2013-12-05 22:10:14

Opętani Czytaniem
Kreatywne Drukowanie
Namaste - travellers pub Katowice
Cykloid.pl - bike traveller portal
Wydawnictwo Bezdroża
Plakat Obraz z wakacji 2013, 1
Lady Australia - Book
Makaron w sakwach - book
Matrioszka Rosja - book
Plakat Obraz z wakacji 2013, 2
We know that no matter where you spend this summer. You certainly got an adventure which you will want to share with others

To win 3x Printing photos on canvas:

  • 80x60cm
  • 60x45cm
  • 40x30cm

3x Book Bezdroza (Sideways) Publisher:

Take a part!

To enter the contest you must present your holiday adventure wasthere.com giving competition code "MARIACKA". Just add a few photos and an interesting description of the site that you visited and recommend to others. The winner is determined by the number of votes cast in the contest publications. What matters is the creativity and cleverness, and we know that you are not lacking.

The application deadline is 18 October 2013! Announcement of 21 October 2013! Download Rules (Polish version) - Good luck!




Contest's results: