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Gliwice Radio Station (Silesia, Poland), Photo 1349
Gliwice Radio Station (Silesia, Poland), Photo 1351
Gliwice Radio Station (Silesia, Poland), Photo 1350
Gliwice Radio Station (Silesia, Poland), Photo 1352
Gliwice Radio Station is the highest wooden building in Europe, its height is easy to remember, because equal measures 111m in height. Brilliant place for a romantic walk, especially at night when you can admire a wooden structure beautifully lit tower. The area around the radio station is well maintained, renovated sidewalks and numerous benches also encourage walking and at rest in this place.
Here was a so-called Gleiwitz's provocation, which started II World War. In 2009, around the radio station made ??a number of conservation investments, and highlighted it, which looks spectacular at night. Place to take a break on the road, near the largest hub in Poland - the intersection of national road 44 and the A4 and A1 - are intended to cut through Poland from north to south, and southern Poland from east to west. There is the Museum of Radio and Media Arts.
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