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2011-01-03 17:01:48 / modified: 2018-05-24 22:02:19

You can find here the most important information about author and the way to contact with me.

Information Projects

Łukasz Kasztelan
Mikołowska 33/ 14, 40-066 Katowice, Poland
NIP:6292328264, REGON:24358937
BREBANK S.A. - MBANK: 68 1140 2004 0000 3702 3439 7841
TEL:+48 505 50 83 83

We invite heartily all persons, who like traveling, active time spending and photography to use www.WasThere.com functionality and share their passions with others.

Translations into Spanish

Małgorzata Skalska: malgorzata.skalska@student.uw.edu.pl
Interested in language and its role in discovering the world. Dreams of travelling and being a polyglot. Field of studies: Applied Linguistics (Spanish & English) .

The official ambassador of www.WasThere.com responsible for English language translations

I am Amanda Huber, 24year old Graduate of UNC-Greensboro & North Carolina A&T Joint Masters of Social Work program. I have a passion for life and developing new experiences with people. I have my roots in New York, Iowa/USA & Medellin/Colombia.

Mobile apps graphics designer

Dawid Misiura: d.misiura@gmail.com

Africa Layout (comming soon)

Ewelina Woloszyn
I am a graphic designer with branding and digital design in focus, happy to cooperate on any future projects. Feel free to see my portfolio at www.ewelinawoloszyn.com My e-mail: woloszynewelina1@gmail.com


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