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    • Cervinia (Breuil-Cervinia)

      Cervinia (Breuil-Cervinia), Photo 178
      Ski resort in Italian part of Alps, situated in Aosta Valley Region, neighboring with Switzerland. The ski resort is dominated by the top of one of characteristic Alps' mountain - The Matterhorn (it. Monte Cervino). Great place to skiing, in the area are held the World Cup's Competitions.
    • Excalibur City (Znojmo)

      Excalibur City (Znojmo), Photo 714
      Behind seven mountains, seven forests, across seven rivers, on the Old Continent, somewhere on the border of Czech Republic and Austria, nearby gorgeous city Znojmo, which I have not pleasure to visit - there is a mysterious castle. Because of its localization in free trade zone - castle is storming by hordes of visitors looking for cheap alcohol. It is popular target for tourist towards the Alps.
    • Bieszczady (Mountains in Poland)

      Bieszczady (Mountains in Poland), Photo 213
      Bieszczady is the western part of Eastern Beskid, between the Mountain Pass Łupkowska and the Mountain Pass Wyszkowska. Beskid range is situated mostly in the Ukraine. A part of the Western Bieszczady is situated in Poland.