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Bear Cave, Photo 1168
Bear Cave, Photo 1167
Bear Cave, Photo 1077
Bear Cave, Photo 1076
Bear Cave is near the village Kletno, the band of the Sudetenland. It is considered one of the most beautiful caves in Poland. Cave of the total length of about 2500 meters of corridors is developed on two main levels: the upper floor, dressed to visit, and the lower floor, which is, for technical reasons, not intended for sharing. The tourist route, which is open to tourists is about 360 m, but we can see it about 500 meters of the cave. Keep in mind that, formations robes can not be touched. Bear Cave is open daily (except Mondays and Thursdays) between 9.00-16.40. Only reservation is guaranteed entrance, the cave is closed for 2 months of the year (December, January).
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Geographical coordinates: 50.25428476089249000, 16.85118198394775400 /FullscreenBig map mode