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    • Nikiszowiec (Katowice, Poland)

      Nikiszowiec (Katowice, Poland), Photo 764
      Nikiszowiec estate in Katowice is a place almost unknown. Narrow, cobbled streets are features characteristic for magical Nikiszowiec :-) This district has been an inspiration for artists as well as for filmmakers. The area became the open air for movies directors such as: Kazimierz Kutz, Radoslaw Brewing, Pieprzyca Matthias, Lech Majewski and Janusz Kidawa.
    • One day in Paris - expedition to the Paris Island

      One day in Paris - expedition to the Paris Island, Photo 1489
      In the heart of Paris, the Seine splits to sail on both sides of Notre Dame. This is the place called "The Island of Paris", and that place has set a goal of my one day expedition, which was to start in a must see for every tourist spot - the Eiffel tower. Hiking, leading along the Seine is marked on the map.
    • Ostrava

      Ostrava, Photo 446
      City of trams and trolleybuses, which is lying in the Czech Republic in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the country, at the Polish border. In the vicinity of the market, you can find countless pubs, which are offering valued worldwide Czech beer. Wires of electric public transport are just everywhere ;-) Overhead!
    • Patio Park

      Patio Park, Photo 1078
      Opening hoursod 10.00
      Phone(32) 205 61 01, (32) 205 30 77
      Polish Cuisine
      Italian Cuisine
      Payment Card
      The possibility of renting the whole restaurant
      The possibility of renting part of the premises
      Low-grade alcohol
      Live music
      Dance floor
      Orders Takeaway
      Service in the local language
      English Language
      German Language
    • PhiPhi Island

      PhiPhi Island, Photo 2236
      Lookout on the island PhiPhi is also the place of evacuation in the event of typhoon - this is the only safe place on the island.