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2011-01-03 17:11:03 / modified: 2014-05-29 22:11:40

Frequently Asked Questions. This article is systematically extended to your further questions about the functionality of the portal. If you encounter a bug or have a problem with the operation of www.WasThere.com - and none of the advice given in this article do not solve the problem - feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to register? - Registration in www.WasThere.com is simple - just click on the "Registration" top menu, enter your email, and rewrite the code from the image, instructions will follow.
  2. Activation email did not come to my mail! - Check the spam, or try to sign in again - if you get the information that the given e-mail address is already busy - it means that you are registered already then you should use password reminder procedure. Sometimes activation email may take a few minutes. If for some reason the procedure continues not to function properly ? please use the password recall procedure.
  3. How do I customize my name? - After the first successful login, select the top menu item " Profile: No name " and then enter and save your changes.
  4. Where can I change my password? - select from the top menu item " Profile: Your Name ", and then enter and save your changes.
  5. I forgot my password! - Select from the top menu item "Login" and then click the link below the login form leading to the password recall procedure, and follow the instructions of the system.
  6. How do I add friends? - To add a friend, you must find their profile using the "users" icon located in the footer of the page and then click on the plus icon displayed in the user profile with their name - this will send them an invitation, according to their profile settings? they are informed of a pending invitation in their email. Status invitations are sent to your email and you are able to check on the status by selecting "My Catalog" and going to the ?invitation "
  7. How to become editor-and-chief? - To become the editor-and-chief, select the "My Catalog" from the top menu, then go to the "group", and click the icon to create a new group - it is located beside the icon: "Editor's group leadership?. Complete the following fields: Group Name, Address Group, point group's members by selecting them from your friends' list (you can select more people holding down the CTRL key and clicking the selected person)
  8. How to add your first entry or location? - To add an entry select: ?Add New Entry" from the top menu. Then select the type of the new entry. You can add a summary or "article" to describe an interesting way to spend time or event not necessarily related to a specific location, "place" - with the possibility of a point on the map, "track" - with the ability to import KML or manually draw the described route. Entries fall into distinct categories such as "accommodation" and ?gastronomy" make it easy to describe all kind of information about the accommodation and beverages. TO share this information in other languages the title is the only article that requires translation (the rest translates automatically).
  9. What are the differences between the powers of the chief editor and the editorial group member? - Editor-in-chief can add entries under the name of their group to the waiting room and assign them to categories. Editor-and-chief can delete entries of the editorial group, as well as add and delete images and edit descriptions. Member of the editorial may only edit the descriptions, point the localization on the map and add pictures to gallery. They cannot delete the entry or delete pictures from the gallery.
  10. What conditions should my entry meet to move from the waiting room to the published form for www.WasThere.com? - If, the editor-and-chief sets the status of the entry in the "Ready" - your article may leave the waiting room and be categorized in portal. To do this, make sure that the entry had: 5+ photos in the gallery, the correct description in at least one language, and has followed the rules.
  11. How to translate the content into another language? - All website content can be presented in multiple languages ??- to translate the text members need to edit the entry then change the language in the top menu, while logged in as a member of the editors group, enter and save the translation of the title and article ( Note - be careful during the editorial work on the next version of the language does not change the language - for example in another browser window - changes are then saved in the currently selected language, collected from cookies ) .
  12. I cannot add a found user to my friends! - if you click the buttons to send invitations at the profile of the user in question does not appear- it is possible that you have already sent the invitation or the user has not accepted it yet - check, the status of the invitation you have sent by going to  "my resources" and choosing the "invitation" - if the invitation to this user does not appear in the list sent by you, the invitations - please contact the administrator.